Monday, November 5, 2012


Since I love the show awkward so much, I have decided to make a blog about my life like Jenna does. I just hope that this doesnt go public.Well my life is pretty boaring so this really isnt gonna be that entertaining. But i'll try my best.
Should I be even wasting my time with this? no...but im gonna anyway...
I have a C in algebra right now because I got a 44 on my last quiz which im pissed about but i really
hate math...too bad im not aloud to switch classes. I would be switching to O'brien's math but...Agin wont let right? I know.
I really dont think this is at all like Awward. but i dont have two guys in a war over me so whats there to talk about?
Anywayyy... speaking of guys....Michael is a fucking asshole and I hate him so much. I'll explain that later cuz everyone keeps barging in my room and i want to keep this blog a secret...TTFN! :)

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